BENDERS concrete roof tiles Carisma BENDERS Carisma is a modern style flat tile. These modern and flat concrete roof tiles with exact and  pronounced lines give the roof a special and distinctive look. They offer architects such opportunities that have never existed before. That is why this profile is rapidly taking on the Latvian roof market. [cl_column width="2/3" vertical_align="middle"] Get [...]
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BENDERS concrete roof tiles Exklusiv BENDERS Exklusiv is a classic S-shaped roof tile with a higher profile. As it is slightly larger compared to other tiles, it is best suitable for buildings with bigger roofs. Such profile roofs have a classic look and suit very well for both new and renovated buildings. [cl_column width="2/3" vertical_align="middle"] Get your free roofing calculation [...]
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BENDERS concrete roof tiles PALEMA BENDERS Palema are classic looking two-barrel roof tiles that are suitable for all roof types. Those type are the most popular and most demanded tiles in Latvia. These tiles are visually attractive, fire-resistant and easy to install! This profile is also available in the widest selection of colors in Latvia. In Sweden, they have been [...]
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