Jumtu aksesuāri

Jumta logi Velux. Vinteko.

Roof windows VELUX

Roof windows VELUX The roof windows allow twice as much light into the room as vertical windows of the same size, which makes the room considerably lighter and improves the indoor micro-climate for the residents. Sufficient amount of daylight, optimum ventilation, healthy and comfortable indoor climate is important for people to feel well every day and remain healthy and productive. [...]
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Jumta drošības elementi Orima. Vinteko.

Roof safety products ORIMA

Roof safety products ORIMA A person working on a house roof is always at risk of falling. ORIMA roof safety systems provide safe access to the roof, allowing to perform roof repair and preventative maintenance works (chimney check-up, snow removal, antenna installation, etc.). Snow guards prevent accidents and various possible damages that may be caused by snow or ice falling [...]
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Jumtu aksesuāri un papildelementi. Vinteko.

Roof accessories

Roof accessories and supplementary elements Roof accessories and supplementary elements ensure proper and safe roof installation. Among the wide range of our products, you will find roof accessories and supplementary elements for different type or roofing – for waterproof montage of roofing covers and chimneys, for roofing ventilation, for protection from birds and other products. Many of them are available [...]
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Tērauda lietus ūdens noteksistēma. Vinteko.

Steel rainwater gutter systems

Steel rainwater systems Installation of the right size rainwater drainage system is crucial both to extend the service life of your property and to protect it and surrounding area from the negative impact of rainwater. Our steel rainwater drainage systems are available in round (D125, D150) and rectangular (D120) shape. They are made of high quality 0.6 mm thick steel [...]
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PVC lietus ūdens noteksistēma Scala. Vinteko.

PVC rain gutter system SCALA

PVC rain gutter system SCALA Usually we don’t think about rainwater systems while it’s not raining. However, if there are heavy rains in your area, it is important to equip your property with the right sized and high quality rain gutter system. Selecting and installing the appropriate system is crucial both to extend the service life of your property and [...]
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