Cedral loksnes


CEDRAL Villa asbestos-free corrugated sheets CEDRAL Villa are 5 wave corrugated sheets (P75 type), upon laying of which there is obtained European roof design.  Original cement accessories accentuate the CEDRAL Villa uniqueness even more, and highlight this roofing’s highly convex wave shape, and create appearance of completeness. The high wave relief assigns for a roof an elegant appearance. These sheets [...]
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CEDRAL Gotika asbestos-free corrugated sheets CEDRAL Gotika are 5 wave sheets (P75 type). Due to their high waves and small size they create exclusive and visually esthetical roof appearance. CEDRAL Gotika sheets are suitable for both – traditional and modern style buildings, and they will appear visually pleasant and original. CEDRAL Gotika cement waved sheets are the shortest among the [...]
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