Tondach SAMBA 11

Tondach SAMBA 11 clay tiles Tondach SAMBA 11 clay tiles are large size, single-wave tiles. Their characteristic low, single-wave profile emphasizes the vertical lines of the roof in a harmonious manner. The shape of this classically elegant tile is perfectly suitable for buildings of any architectural style. SAMBA 11 clay tiles are produced, using the latest production technologies. They have [...]
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Tondach FIGARO 11

Tondach FIGARO 11 clay tiles Tondach FIGARO 11 clay tiles are modern flat tiles that can be used for roof or facade finishing. These are economic, large size tiles with a contemporary profile and smooth surface – especially suitable for modern minimalistic style architecture. Their simple design guarantees perfect finishing appearance for any style of the house. In order to [...]
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Koramic ALEGRA 9

Koramic ALEGRA 9 clay tiles Koramic ALEGRA 9 clay roof tiles are classic, single-wave tiles of a particularly large size. Due to their unique characteristic single wave, these tiles are sometimes called renaissance tiles. Although classical, they also have a very versatile profile in terms of aesthetics and is suitable to nearly any project, that is why it has become [...]
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Koramic OREA 9

Koramic OREA 9 clay tiles These tiles are suitable for use also on the facade, ensuring elegant, smooth transition between the roofing and the facade finishing. The building with such unified style finishing demonstrates an interesting harmony. Koramic OREA 9 clay tiles are characterized by a straight, smooth surface, which is a unique result of the production technology - each [...]
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