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Clinker window sills KING KLINKER

High quality clinker window sills are made of clay, therefore are a great alternative for other exterior window sills solutions. They are produced using the same method as clinker tiles, therefore these window sills are resistant to frost, external temperature changes, resistant to moisture and chemicals, and are compliant with European standards.

During exploitation period, these window sills do not require special maintenance, yet, if necessary, they can be cleaned very easily. Compared to, for instance, traditional metal window sills, clinker window sills are very quiet – during rain or hail, when drops falls on the window sill surface, the noise is well absorbed.

Clinker clay window sills produced by King Klinker is a natural and long-lasting decorative finishing material for external window sills. The assortment includes elements of clinker window sills in several sizes, so the window sills can be adjusted to any window opening depth!

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Clinker window sills KING KLINKER is a long-lasting alternative to metal window sills!

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