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Facade finishing boards Cedral

Facade finishing boards Cedral Facade finishing boards CEDRAL is an attractive and long lasting facade finishing material. They are produced from fibre cement and hard as a stone and light as usual wood. Ecological and multi-layer fibre structure of this material applies strength for CEDRAL facade finishing boards, therefore, they may be much thinner and therefore also lighter. For CEDRAL [...]
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Clinker tiles KING KLINKER

Clinker tiles KING KLINKER The company King Klinker is one of Europe's leading and modern enterprises in production of a variety of construction ceramic materials. King Klinker decorative clinker tiles are made of high-quality natural clay. The tiles are kilned at the temperature over 1,000 degrees. At the end of the kilning, decorative tiles acquire their best qualities: durability, physical [...]
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