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Chimneys MK Kolekt

Chimneys MK Kolekt MK Kolekt Chimneys are suitable for all boilers with closed combustion chambers and for condensing boilers. They are designed to burn various types of fuels: firewood, coal, gas, granules, etc. The German ceramic chimney systems MK Kolekt are made of natural materials, they are certified and meet all modern requirements: they create a good draft, the flue [...]
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Clinker tiles KING KLINKER

Clinker tiles KING KLINKER The company King Klinker is one of Europe's leading and modern enterprises in production of a variety of construction ceramic materials. King Klinker decorative clinker tiles are made of high-quality natural clay. The tiles are kilned at the temperature over 1,000 degrees. At the end of the kilning, decorative tiles acquire their best qualities: durability, physical [...]
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Anti-moss agent MOSS-STOP

Anti-Moss Agent MOSS-STOP The anti-moss agents MOSS-STOP are a series of products which will help you get rid of moss and algae on different surfaces in a very effective and successful way. Anti-moss product range series MOSS-STOP for: Roofs - an agent for all types of roofing; Wooden facades and fences - an agent for treatment of various wooden facades [...]
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