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Benders concrete roof tiles

BENDERS concrete roof tiles BENDERS concern is a recognized Scandinavian leader in concrete tile production, and it is well represented in most of Europe. BENDERS concrete tile roofs take the lead in the Swedish roof market, and they are rapidly gaining popularity in Latvia. In Sweden, they have been manufactured since 1960. Manufacturing experience spread over 50 years is a [...]
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Cembrit fibre cement corrugated sheets

CEMBRIT fibre cement corrugated sheets Eurofala When choosing a roofing material, it is certainly worth considering whether it is suitable for the Latvian climate. CEMBRIT fibre cement corrugated sheets have proven itself - it has been available in Latvia since 2002! CEMBRIT non-asbestos corrugated sheets can be used both in new buildings and a replacement for asbestos slates when repairing [...]
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Metrotile lightweight metal roofing

Metrotile lightweight metal roofing with natural stone coating METROTILE composite tiles or stone coated metal tiles visually resemble the traditional tile roofing, yet they are much lighter. Each Metrotile composite tile is made of the industry’s highest quality steel, which guarantees a durable and secure roof. Stone coated metal tiles are manufactured in Metrotile Europe NV world's largest production plant [...]
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