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When choosing roofing, the majority of customers have a few key requirements:

  1. Pleasing design
  2. High-quality roofing material
  3. Right quality/price ratio

Tastes, needs and wishes do differ, therefore we make an individual offer for each particular client with the best roofing solution that suits their property.

It is worth noting that the roof cover price should be proportional to its service life. Thus, for instance, an expensive roof can prove to be much cheaper in the long term (e.g. 30 years). You should also take into consideration the total cost of the roof – the one that is cheaper per square meter will not necessarily be more profitable. You shouldn’t forget adding the cost of auxiliary materials, roof structures, installation and long-term maintenance, either.

Whether you wish to put on a new roof or replace the old one, always go for the high quality roofing materials that have been tested in Latvia, and you can be sure that your building will last a long time!

When you think ROOF – think VINTEKO!

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