Roof accessories

Roof accessories and additional elements ensure high-quality and safe roof installation.

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Roof safety products

Roof accessories and supplementary elements

To make your house and roof service life long-lasting, it is important to install additional elements which match the roofing material. Rain gutter system protect both house and surrounding area from the negative effects of rainwater. In order to ensure safe access to the roof, when carrying out various types of technical and maintenance works, one should make sure to install all necessary roof safety products.

We recommend you to get in touch with VINTEKO Ltd professional and experienced consultants who will help you with selecting the right size roof accessories matching roofing profile of your choice!

Scala – is an aesthetic and up-to-date rain gutter system. It is fast and easy to mount since it is made to fit the DIY tech requirements.

Steel gutter systems – are made of high quality 0.6 mm thick steel with PUR coating / special protective layer.

Roof accessories and supplementary elements – for different roofing materials allow a proper and safe roof mounting.

Orima roof safety products – provide safe access to the roof to perform repair and preventative maintenance works.