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Roof safety products ORIMA

A person working on a house roof is always at risk of falling. ORIMA roof safety systems provide safe access to the roof, allowing to perform roof repair and preventative maintenance works (chimney check-up, snow removal, antenna installation, etc.).

Snow guards prevent accidents and various possible damages that may be caused by snow or ice falling from the roof. They keep snow masses on roof under control, which makes the area around the building safe.

Roof walkways are designed for walking around on roof safely (most often, they are mounted by a chimney).

Roof and wall ladders provide safe and trouble free access to the roof.

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ORIMA – 50 years experience in manufacturing of roofing safety products!

Safety on roof

Orima safety products ensure both safe access to the roof, safe walking on the top of the roof, as well as safety of pedestrians, cars, plants and other goods around the house.

For All Types of Roofing

ORIMA roof safety products are available for all most popular types of roofing in Latvia.

8 colors

All roof safety products are available in 8 colors as per RR color catalog, so they can be easily matched with the visual image of your property.

Easy mounting

These roof safety products are easy to mount, the basic thing is to carefully follow the installation manual and to correctly connect all the elements.

Resistant to corrosion

Roof safety products have a strong anti-corrosion coating.

Visually aesthetic

Roof safety products are not only highly functional, but also visually appealing; they complement the appearance of the building aesthetics.

Guaranteed Safety

ORIMA has been manufacturing roof safety products for over 50 years. They keep testing their products in their lab to make them meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

30-Year Warranty

ORIMA offers a 30-year warranty on all its roof safety systems, and that is not the service life limit of those products.

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