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Steel rainwater systems

Installation of the right size rainwater drainage system is crucial both to extend the service life of your property and to protect it and surrounding area from the negative impact of rainwater. Our steel rainwater drainage systems are available in round (D125, D150) and rectangular (D120) shape. They are made of high quality 0.6 mm thick steel with bilateral PUR coating (also called PURAL or polymer) coating. This ensures that our steel rainwater gutter systems can withstand prolonged exploitation in hot summers and severe winters.

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2 types of shapes


  • Gutters D125 mm, downpipes D100 mm
  • Gutters D150 mm, downpipes D120 mm


  • Gutters D120 mm, downpipes 98 mm
15 colors

Steel rainwater systems are available in 15 tones as per RR color chart, so the rainwater gutter system is easy to match with your roof, window, window sill or facade color.

For any type or roof

Steel rainwater systems are suitable for any roof type, both new and renovated, with any kind of roofing material.

May be ordered at any length up to 4 m

The special advantage is that the gutters may be ordered in any length up to 4 m, thus you can save your time and money.

Full mounting set

Rainwater gutter systems come with full mounting set, which includes all the necessary elements and fittings.

Efficient water collection

All the rainwater system elements are designed in a way to ensure efficient water collection and drainage from the roof.

Easy mounting

The guttering systems are easily mountable, the main thing is to precisely interconnect all the elements in order to ensure zero leakage.

Made in Latvia

Steel rainwater systems are manufactured in Latvia. They are made of 0.6 mm thick high-grade steel.

Resistant to scratches

Bilateral PUR coating or special protective layer ensures that all the gutter system elements are scratch resistant (which is especially important during transportation).


All steel gutter rainwater system elements are resistant to snow and ice, to mechanical damages, to corrosion, UV and environment influence, provided by the bilateral PUR coating.

Chemically resistant

Steel gutter system is designed in a way to guarantee a very good resistance to various chemical compounds.

Visually aesthetic

Gutter systems are not only functional, but also visually aesthetic – they give the home a finished look.

Mountable even at low temperatures

Steel gutter systems may be mounted even when it is cold outdoors.

Simple maintenance

Stainless steel gutter systems are designed to be very simple in maintenance. The rainwater system cleans itself when it is raining, the only thing should be done is removing fallen leaves from the gutters.

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Steel rainwater gutter systems - mounting instruction

Round gutter system

Rectangular gutter system

Steel rainwater gutter systems | Prices

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