Metrotile lightweight metal roofing with natural stone coating MISTRAL

METROTILE MISTRAL  composite metal tiles, by their shape, resemble the natural tiles widely used both in new and restored buildings, which gives the roof its traditional European Style look. It is a lightweight (6,3 kg/m2) roof profile, which will suit any architectural style. The base of the tile is a 0,45 mm thick steel sheet coated with aluminum and zinc alloy, which gives tiles a special shape, durability and elasticity. The pigmented basalt granules are attached to the sheet with pigmented acrylic glue, which gives the tile a unique look and reduces noises caused by precipitation. The transparent acrylic layer on the top protects the tile from UV rays, prevents growth of mosses and lichen. This particular shape will make the roof look geometrically correct, and the wide variety of colors will make your roof unique.

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METROTILE Mistral composite tiles – all the best features of the roof combined in one roof!

Traditional European Style Roof

Metrotile MISTRAL stone coated metal tiles, by their shape, resemble the natural tiles. Visually they remind the traditional European Style roofs.

Color diversity

All Metrotile roof tiles are available in more than 20 color options, so it is easy to match the roof and the façade tones.

Complete roof solution

Metrotile composite tiling accessories are made of the same stone coated material as the tiles.

For new and renowated buildings

Due to its pleasant visual appearance and unrivaled physical properties Metrotile metal tiles are suitable for all types of buildings.


The broad spectrum of Metrotile roofing profiles allows to give a unique and distinctive look to buildings of any architectural style

Small sheet sizes

The small size and light weight of roofing tile sheets makes it easy to transport and install them.

Fast and Easy Installation

The lightweight roofing tile small sheet size and lightweight makes them easy to install even by one person. They are simple to fasten, so installing them is a faster process than installing other roofing materials.

Suitable for Low Pitched Roofs

Metrotile metal roof tiles are suitable for roofs with a slope from 10 to 90 degrees.

Unique Fastening

Metrotile roof tiles are nailed to the battens front and not from the top of the tile. That ensures a completely waterproof fastening with zero leakage.

Warranty 50 years

Metrotile lightweight metal roofing with natuaral stone coating – smart roof for smart people!

Magnelis Coating For Corrosion Protection

A roof made of composite tiles will not rust. That is ensured by the Magnelis coating. It is twice as effective against corrosion as Aluzinc.


Very suitable for buildings that are not designed for heavy loads. Metrotile stone coated metal roof tiles weigh only 6.3 kg/m2 (whereas, for instance, concrete or clay roof tiles weight about 45 kg/m2).

Noise Resistant

The pigmented stone (basalt) coating which is glued to the composite tile sheet with acrylic glue, damps rain and hail noise.


The base of Metrotile metal tile profile is made of 0.45 mm thick steel sheet that gives the roof tiles a great shape, durability and elasticity.


Any Metrotile metal roof tile sheet is 100% recyclable. Its efficient transportation allows to reduce costs and CO2 emission.


Metrotile lightweight metal roofing has a long service life, it does not require any maintenance and, since it is lightweight, it is easy to transport.

Color stable

The metal tile stone layer is top coated with a transparent acrylic pigment that protects the composite roof tile from UV rays.


Metrotile stone coated metal roof tiles have been awarded the high ratings of fire resistance.

Resistant to Extreme Weather Conditions

Metrotile metal roof tiles are able to withstand the impact of strong winds (up to 252 km/h), hail, UV rays, thunderstorms and earthquakes.

Unique Opportunity - Personalized Roof

If you wish to create an exclusive roof, you have this unique opportunity to order Metrotile metal roof tiles in a personalized color.


METROTILE original accesories

Metrotile composite roof tile stone-coated accessories

Supplementary accessories and fittings

Metrotile roof installation manual

Metrotile brochure

Metrotile Mistral declaration of performance

How Metrotile lightveight metal roofing is made?

Metrotile composite tiles are produced in Belgium. They are designed to meet the strictest quality standards. Every year, the company invests 10% of its profits in modernizing manufacturing processes and products.