WIRPLAST roof vents STANDARD for bitumen shingle roofs.

Since 1994, WIRPLAST has been offering the highest quality roofing ventilation systems in the construction industry. Roof vents STANDARD are designed to be installed on existing bitumen shingle roofs. The system includes various types of roofing ventilation and other roof outlets to provide drainage, antenna, cable and any other discharge through the roof cover:

Roofs vents – provide indoor air circulation. They protect the building from fungi and reduce humidity. They also extend the service life of the construction.

  • Insulated – protects from condensation formation
  • Non- insulated – intended to use for sewer-system pipes or cold attic
  • With a mechanical fan – intended to use for larger rooms (gym halls, attics, etc.), it has a powerful fan draft even with weaker wind speeds
  • With electric fan – forced ventilation for bathrooms and kitchens, where there is a higher level of humidity and steam. It is possible to connect it to a control switch, so that it starts working according to the settings. The engine is placed on the roof, therefore you cannot hear any sounds or vibrations inside the building.

Roof space vents – provide ventilation of under roof space.

Antenna Outputs – make roof antenna installation easy, fast and secure, and ensure hermetic sealing of tubes of various sizes.

Solar pass-trough – make installation of solar panels and cables of different sizes easy, fast and secure.

Sewer Vent Outlets – removes unpleasant odors from the sewer-system pipes in order to keep fresh air at home


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WIRPLAST roof ventilation system STANDARD – for effective roof ventilation!

Wide assortment

Various roof vents, outlets and other roof accessories are available.

4 types

When choosing a roof vent, it is important to define the requirements for its functionality.

Different diameters

Roof vent outlets are available in different diameters: DN 125, DN 150

Various choice of colors

WIRPLAST ventilation outlets are available in various colors. All products in any color (as per RAL catalog) may also be top coated with varnish.

Modern, visually attractive design

By adding a roof with a ventilation outlet, it will not only fulfill its basic ventilation function, but will also provide a pleasant visual image of the roof.

Complete mounting package

The roof outlets are available in complete mounting package (tower, connectors, screws).

Easy mounting

The vent outlets are very easy to mount on the roof. Wirplast vent outlets are designed according to the DIY technology.

Butyl sealing

Butyl sealing ensures a perfectly sealed connection with the element on the roof. Butyl is flexible, it does not crumble or harden, thus providing an excellent sealing.

Unique design construction of the rings

Makes the roof vent maximally efficient

Adjustable pitching angle

It is possible to adjust the outlets for all roof pitches from 0 to 50 degrees.

Built - in level

Each WIRPLAST roof vent has a built-in carpenter level, which makes mounting and adjusting precise and fast.

Special top coating

Provides high resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations, corrosion and UV rays.

Condensate Drainage

If the room is very humid, it is recommended to use a condensate collector. It will ensure efficient drainage of condensate water.


A variety of additional accessories are available for the system.

Supplementary Accessories and Fittings

Wirplast STANDARD PLUS installation manual -

Wirplast STANDARD EVO installation manual -

Reasons to choose the EVO ventilation system

Draught seal for connection through film

Wirplast PLUS/EVO roof vents - declaration of conformity

WIRPLAST roofing ventilation system STANDARD

WIRPLAST roof ventilation

Since 1994, WIRPLAST has been offering the highest quality roofing ventilation systems for the construction industry.

WIRPLAST STANDARD roof vent installation

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