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Clinker tiles OLD CASTLE from KING KLINKER

Clinker tiles with embossed surface Old Castle. Clinker tiles King Klinker are an aesthetic facade/interior finishing material. Due to their wide colour palette clinker tiles Old Castle are the most popular from King Klinker collections. Clinker tiles are natural and durable decorative finishing material. Due to their attractive visual appearance and excellent functional qualities, the facade or the interior of the building will not lose their unique style even after many years.

Minimum density and relative lightweight structure enable using clinker tiles for cladding of both interior walls and facades – whether it would be construction of a new building or renovation project. The wide colour and texture range of these clinker tiles creates perfect harmony with classical and modern architecture. King Klinker clinker tiles are produced from high quality natural clay and are resistant to frost, humidity and chemicals, they meet European standards and are durable!

King Klinker is one the leading and most modern European companies dealing with production of various clinker products for construction purposes.

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Clinker tiles OLD CASTLE from KING KLINKER – clinker tiles with embossed surface!

Wide application
  • Outdoors clinker tiles can be used to create beautiful building facades or decorated chimneys, sockles and exterior window finishing.
  • Indoors clinker tiles can be used as nice aesthetical accent for decorative wall design or fireplace finishing.
Versatile design

Due to attractive visual appearance, different surface textures and wide colour palette of the clinker tiles, these can be used to create different interesting design solutions.


Even after several years the clinker tiles will look the same, as they do not lose their attractiveness over the time. That is why this finishing material does not require restoration or replacement after several years. Klinker has been used as construction materials for a very long time, retaining its elegant looks and proving its excellent functional qualities.

Suitable for Nordic climate

Main technical parameters of King Klinker clinker tiles – durability, strength, high frost resistance due to minimum water absorption ensures that they are able to withstand changing loads of lowering/increasing of outdoor temperatures.

Resistant to atmosphere and chemical impact

Clinker tiles have excellent functional qualities – they are not affected by disintegration, corrosion or fire and they can withstand temperature fluctuations. They are resistant to frost, sun and chemical impact. Contrary to many several other facade materials, clinker tiles are not susceptible to mould.

1000 frost resistance cycles

King Klinker products are the only ones in Europe, that have certified 1000 frost resistance cycles, although the standard only defines necessity for 50-100 cycles. It means that these clinker tiles will serve for a very long time, as they are able to withstand many freezing and thawing cycles.

Safe product

Composition and method of production is environmentally safe, therefore the products are free from health hazards, which is especially important if these are used in interior.


King Klinker clinker tiles have been assigned premium class fire safety rating. This material can also be used for surfaces, which require increased fire safety, for example, fireplace finishing. The clay, which is used for production of clinker tiles, is non-flammable material.

Easy maintenance

Special maintenance is not required. But if such is needed, the facade can be cleaned with high pressure jet. Interior clinker tiles can be cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Compatible material

Combined with glass, wood, steel and other materials, really interesting visual solutions can be achieved.

Embossed tile back

Embossed back of the tiles ensures better bonding with the glue and also facilitates gluing process.

Resistant to condensate

Clinker tiles are humidity-resistant. They virtually absorb no humidity and condensate freely evaporates – the walls are “breathing” and do not get wet.

Installation on any surface

Clinker tiles can be installed on any surface. The surface has to be prepared accordingly before. Compliance with installation instructions, quality glue and careful craftsman are among the most important factors, which affect the service life of clinker tiles.

Solid high quality

King Klinker is one the leading and most modern European companies dealing with production of various clinker products for construction purposes. The production plant has started operating in 1972. Over the time it has changed its names, but the purpose of the production plant has remained the same – production of clinker products from high quality natural clay.

Added value of the building

Correct selection and quality installation of finishing materials guarantees that clinker tiles will serve for a very long time without losing their aesthetical appearance and functional qualities.


King Klinker clinker tiles meet all European standards and they have been granted CE marking.

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How clinker tiles King Klinker are made?

King Klinker decorative tiles are manufactured in Poland using traditional and tried methods. All products always are made from the highest quality natural clay.

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