Cedral Click fasādes apdares paneļi. Cedral Click dēļi.

Facade finishing boards Cedral Click

Facade finishing panels CEDRAL Click is an attractive and long lasting façade finishing material, which shall be installed by a special assembly technology next to each other. They are made of fibre cement and hard as stone and light as natural wood. This material’s ecological and multi-layer fibre structure assigns for CEDRAL façade finishing boards a strength, therefore they may be much thinner and therefore also much lighter. Click board assembly may be performed in both directions – horizontally and vertically. They are available in a wide colour range with wood imitation facture and smooth surface.

For CEDRAL fibre cement boards there are available all necessary profiles and their assembly is simple. Also during their service period for these boards there is not necessary a special maintenance. For example, wooden boards during their service life shall be repainted, reinstalled quite often, as well as perform other additional works, which in a long term create also additional costs. Selecting CEDRAL finishing board panels, you can forget about such type maintenance! Boards greatly match with other construction materials and they may be used in different ways: for facades, wind boxes, fences and elsewhere. Varied opportunities for fibre cement board use allow to create unique and creative solutions.

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Fibre cement facade finishing boards CEDRAL Click – a great alternative to natural wooden boards!


Fibre cement facade finishing panels are excellent substitute for natural wooden boards. Click profile shall be installed next to each other, creating especially smooth covering similar to boards. But unlike natural boards, during their exploitation there is no necessity for a special maintenance. As for example, natural wooden boards during exploitation must be repainted quite often, reinstalled, as well as need to perform other additional works, which in a long term create also additional costs

2 type surfaces

Available with two type surface covering:

  • with wooden imitation facture
  • smooth

Finishing boards are available in a wide colour range. A large choice of colours and possibility to combine them allows to create especially unique and creative finishing solutions, harmonizing all building elements and providing a building harmonious integration in the surrounding environment. Boards are industrially painted with water basis acrylic paints.


Fibre cement boards are suitable for use in facades, wind boxes, fences and elsewhere.


Cedral offers wide range of facade profiles. Profiles are available in the same colours as finishing boards.


Assembly of boards, using original profiles, is simple and quick. Boards can be processed with circular saw and for screwing there is not necessary pre-drilling of holes.


For fibre cement façade finishing boards there is assigned high class fire safety.


These fibre cement boards are resistant to rain, frost, hail, UV radiation. They are also not affected by mould, bacteria, insects, acids and alkalis. Due to these reasons, Cedral beats the properties of usual wooden boards.


Fibre cement is natural, air permeable material. Properly created facade finishing significantly improves structure ventilation and service life.


In the production of these facade finishing panels there are used sand, water, cement, textile fibres and cellulose. During production there are not released in environment any harmful substances.


For fibre cement facade finishing panels there is not necessary a special maintenance. They will serve for a long, without losing their attractiveness. However, if you want to wash them, you can do it for sure, using soapy water.


Warranty is provided for 10 years, service life at least 50 years.

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