Clinker tiles KING KLINKER

The company King Klinker is one of Europe’s leading and modern enterprises in production of a variety of construction ceramic materials. King Klinker decorative clinker tiles are made of high-quality natural clay. The tiles are kilned at the temperature over 1,000 degrees. At the end of the kilning, decorative tiles acquire their best qualities: durability, physical and chemical resistance, water proofness. They also are frost resistant and meet all European standards. The clinker tiles are visually attractive, and carry out protection function as well. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Decorative facade tiles KING KLINKER are available in 3 types of collections:

DREAM HOUSE – decorative tiles with smooth surface in classic colors

FREE ART – decorative tiles with smooth surface

OLD CASTLE – decorative tiles with embossed surface in old-time, aged tones

KING SIZE – decorative long format clinker tiles with different surfaces

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Decorative clinker tiles with embossed surface OLD CASTLE

Decorative clinker tiles with smooth surface DREAM HOUSE

Decorative clinker tiles with smooth surface FREE ART

Decorative clinker long format tiles with different surfaces

Clinker tiles KING KLINKER - catalog

KINGSIZE - brochure

KINGSIZE - installation manual

How clinker tiles King Klinker are made?

King Klinker decorative tiles are manufactured in Poland using traditional and tried methods. All products always are made from the highest quality natural clay.

King Klinker installation manual