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Anti-Moss Agent MOSS-STOP

The anti-moss agents MOSS-STOP are a series of products which will help you get rid of moss and algae on different surfaces in a very effective and successful way.

Anti-moss product range series MOSS-STOP for:

Roofs – an agent for all types of roofing;

Wooden facades and fences – an agent for treatment of various wooden facades and fences;

Stone and concrete – an agent for stone, concrete and cobblestone surfaces;

Monuments – an agent for treatment of monuments and memorial plaques.

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The anti-moss agents MOSS-STOP – effective against moss and algae!

2 types - concentrate and ready-to-use

The anti-moss and anti-algae agent MOSS-STOP is available in two varieties — a concentrate and a ready-to-use solution. The finished solution in one-liter package is best for treatment of small areas, and it is equipped with a spray nozzle. One liter of ready-to-use solution is sufficient for treatment of at least 5-6 m2 of surface.


The thoroughly selected combination of active ingredients makes it possible for the anti-moss and anti-algae products MOSS-STOP to affect only moss and algae mass, while not being harmful for the environment. Adverse moss and green algae mass gets destroyed within a few days or a few weeks, depending on the volume of the green mass.

Easy to use

Anti-moss product must be sprayed on the affected area, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Made in Latvia

The product is made of substances which suit very well for the Latvian weather conditions.

Environmentally friendly

The anti-moss products MOSS-STOP are not classified as aggressive chemicals, and they do not endanger nature or humans. However, use of a respirator is recommended while spraying those products, in order to protect your airways.

Harmless to other organisms

The agent acts only upon algae and moss green mass without harming other plants, shrubs or lawns. As a result, the adverse vegetation exposed to the anti-moss agent will gradually wither, turn yellow, then brown, and finally perish.

No damage to the surface

The anti-moss products MOSS-STOP do not leave any streaks on the surface, since they do not contain metals. They do not affect the coloration and do not damage the building materials, either, as there are no acids or chlorine.


After quality treatment of an area with the anti-moss agent MOSS-STOP, a new adverse vegetation layer will not develop for at least some years.

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