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Rainwater drainage system

Rainwater drainage system – its mounting and rainwater drainage from building downspouts and squares to local drainage systems is a way to protect the area from puddles and flooding. DAKOTA offers systems that are suitable for small private houses as well as for large areas where high drainage capacity is necessary. It is important to select the suitable system elements, such as channels, gratings, pits and pluvial catch pits which are appropriate for the territory.

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Maximum stable and easy to install rainwater drainage system!

High Drainage Capacity

Rainwater drainage system ensures that rainwater is channeled into groundwater and prevents sewage system from overflows.

Easy Installation

Our channels and pits are easy and simple to install.


Pits have several special pre-cutted holes for various diameters. Therefore, the purchase is easy; you just have to choose the suitable pit.

Long lasting

Products are made of the first grade plastics, that is why they are stable, durable and resistant to UV rays.

Convenient Transportation

All elements of rainwater drainage system are lightweight, so they can be easily and conveniently transported.

Complete drainage

Downspout nozzles make the system complete and provide drainage in the desired direction.

High Frost Resistance

Drainage system elements do not crack in the cold and can be installed in cold weather.

Alternative to Concrete Pits

PP pits are a great alternative to traditional concrete pits.

Suitable for both private houses and for larger areas

Dakota offers rainwater drainage systems suitable for small private houses as well as larger areas.

Puddle Free Area

The area around property is protected from flooding..

Protects House Foundation

Prevents excessive accumulation of moisture by house foundation.

Pits - installations instruction

Rainwater drainage system | Prices

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