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Paving stones BENDERS

Paving stones BENDERS are one of the most popular landscaping products in Scandinavia. If you are planning landscaping your house yard, then the BENDERS paving stoned made in Sweden is the right choice – exclusive products made according to the highest Scandinavian quality standards.

Paving stones is a long-term investment in the landscape infrastructure of the building and your personal well-being – a nicely planned and functional yard, driveway or garden will delight you each day for many years. It is no less important that the areas paved with BENDERS paving stones are easy to maintain and very durable – they serve at least 5 times longer than asphalt.

BENDERS group has production experience since 1960. From a small company with a few products it has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of construction concrete products in Europe. Landscaping products manufactured by BENDERS have a 10-year factory warranty.

In order for you to create your own garden as your personal oasis, the range of BENDERS landscaping products includes not only paving stones, but also concrete slabs, wall systems and various decorative elements!

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Paving stones BENDERS – thoughtful design and exclusive products of the highest Swedish quality!

The most popular double-sided Benders paving stones TROJA / labyrint.

TROJA antik – textured surface.

LABYRINT antik – smooth surface.

TROJA antik


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