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Roof accessories and supplementary elements

Roof accessories and supplementary elements ensure proper and safe roof installation. Among the wide range of our products, you will find roof accessories and supplementary elements for different type or roofing – for waterproof montage of roofing covers and chimneys, for roofing ventilation, for protection from birds and other products. Many of them are available in different colors to match the roofing.

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Roof accessories for various types of roofing!

Roofing accessories and adhesive tapes

Metal Parts / Accessories

Diffusion membrane Corotop 130 g/m2 roofing film

Vapor membrane Corotop Reflex 115g/m2

CoroBand self-adhesive single-sided adhesive tape

CoroFlex self-adhesive single-sided adhesive tape

CoroMix double sided self-adhesive tape

Butyl sealing tape Corotop K-flex

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Construction films and adhesive tapes | Prices

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