PVC lietus ūdens noteksistēma Scala. Vinteko.

PVC rain gutter system SCALA

Usually we don’t think about rainwater systems while it’s not raining. However, if there are heavy rains in your area, it is important to equip your property with the right sized and high quality rain gutter system. Selecting and installing the appropriate system is crucial both to extend the service life of your property and to protect it and surrounding area from the negative impact of rainwater. SCALA PVC rainwater system ensures complete and efficient rainwater redirection. It is also nice looking and modern. It is fast and easy to mount since it is made to fit the DIY tech requirements.

Please note: SCALA PVC drainage system may be supplemented by various accessories (gutter basket, leaf screens, etc.) from the wide range of our products, which will help keeping both the gutter and downspout clean and functioning.

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SCALA PVC rainwater gutter system – high quality, durable, for an attractive price!

Different lengths

The rain gutter system is available in D125 size. The D125 gutter length is 3 and 4 meters. The length of D80 gutter is 2.8 m and 4 m.

For any type of roof

SCALA PVC rainwater systems are suitable for any roof type, both new and renovated, with any kind of roofing material.

Complete mounting set

Rainwater  systems come with full mounting set, which includes all the necessary elements and fittings.

Easy to calculate elements

All elements of the rain gutter system are designed in a way to make the estimation of the required components as easy as possible.

Long-lasting, corrosion resistant and resistant to deformation

SCALA rainwater system is made of multi-layer PVC material, which ensures its elasticity and durability.

Withstands Temperature Fluctuations

Specially developed SCALA rainwater systems can withstand drastic temperature fluctuations ranging from -40 °C to +60°C.


Easy mounting

SCALA PVC rainwater system is specially developed so that it can be mounted by anyone without help from professionals and without specialized tools.

Coutchouc rubber seal

Special coutchouc rubber seals are elastic, they do not crack or harden (unlike ordinary rubber seals), thus assuring a perfect and long-lasting waterproofing.

Compensation marks

Plastic expands and shrinks in heat and cold, but this type of special compensation marks helps to fit the gutters correctly.

Universal stop ends and angles

This type on universal elements allows to correctly select and purchase all the necessary components for the SCALA PVC rainwater system.

Visually aesthetic

Noteksistēmām ir ne tikai funkcionāla, bet arī vizuāli estētiska nozīme- tās dod mājai pabeigtu izskatu. Rainwater systems are not only highly functional but also visually appealing- they will give the house a finished look.

Efficient water collection

All the guttering system elements are developed in a way to ensure efficient water collection and drainage from the roof.

Simple maintenance

SCALA PVC guttering systems are very simple to maintain. The rainwater system cleans itself when it is raining, and, if it is not equipped with a gutter basket or other accessories, the only thing one should do is removing fallen leaves from the gutters.

Supplementary accessories

There are also supplementary accessories, such as gutter baskets, leaf screens etc., which will help you maintain the gutter system clean.

May be combined with drainage systems

SCALA PVC rainwater systems can be combined with drainage systems to efficiently dispose water.

Scala mounting instruction

Scala PVC rain gutter system