Superglass 3TAB

Superglass 3TAB bitumen shingles from IKO Superglass 3TAB bitumen shingles are high quality roofing cover, which made of first grade raw materials in compliance with the strictest standards and using modern manufacturing technologies. The shingle structure is made of impregnated glass coated with oxidized bitumen on both sides. The top surface of the shingle is covered with water-resistant stone granules [...]
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Armourshield PLUS

Armourshield PLUS bitumen shingles from IKO IKO Armourshield PLUS bitumen shingles – tested Canadian technology. Armourshield PLUS is a technologically improved self-adhesive bitumen shingle which visual shape resembles honeycombs. It may be used on roofs with a slope from 15° to 90°. Its glass fiber base has a special bitumen coating, which provides a long-term protection. Armourshield PLUS shingles are [...]
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Cambridge Xpress

Cambridge Xpress bitumen shingles from IKO Cambridge Xpress is a laminated double layer shingle. Its base is fiberglass, which is entirely impregnated with waterproof bitumen. This shingle is distinctive with its unique two lane shading. Two stone granule coating layers give it a unique visual appeal and also protects against ultraviolet radiation. Warranty 25 years. [cl_column width="2/3" vertical_align="middle"] Get your [...]
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Cambridge Xtreme

Cambridge Xtreme bitumen shingles from IKO Cambridge Xtreme - world's first SELF-ADHESIVE laminated double layered shingle suitable for any architectural style. It may be used on roofs from 9,5° (!) up to 90° slope. This shingle shape makes its installation faster and more efficient, as well as reduces tile shreds. Its specially wide nailing line makes the installation more precise. [...]
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