Superglass 3TAB bitumen shingles from IKO

Superglass 3TAB bitumen shingles are high quality roofing cover, which made of first grade raw materials in compliance with the strictest standards and using modern manufacturing technologies. The shingle structure is made of impregnated glass coated with oxidized bitumen on both sides. The top surface of the shingle is covered with water-resistant stone granules of various colors. There is also a mineral coating underneath and a anti-adhesive film above it. High resistance to color fading. Warranty 15 years.

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IKO Superglass 3TAB – classic value bitumen shingles at an appropriate price!


IKO Superglass 3TAB are a high quality and time proven shingles.

Color diversity

All IKO bitumen shingles are available in different colors to easily match the roof with the facade.

Visually Appealing

IKO bitumen shingle roofs fits well into both rural and urban landscapes.

Complete roof solution

Bitumen roof shingles may be supplemented with metal parts, vent accessories, guttering systems, etc.

Fast and Easy Installation

Bitumen shingles are small sized and lightweight, which makes them easy to install even by one person.

Platinum Warranty

If the shingles have been properly installed, in strict accordance with IKO’s Installation Manual, the IKO Cambridge Xtreme roof is covered by a platinum warranty. It provides 100% customer protection during 5 years and applies to roofing, transport and working costs.

Tested quality

IKO bitumen shingles are produced since 1951, available in Latvia since 1996.

Suitable for Both Steep and Low Pitched Roofs

IKO bitumen shingles are suitable for roofs with a slope from 15 to 85 degrees.


IKO bitumen shingles are a flexible material, which makes them particularly suitable for various complex projects and facilitates mounting.


During strong winds, rain and hail, the roof shingles will entirely absorb all the noise.


IKO bitumen shingles, due to their composition, are not exposed to corrosion.

UV resistance

IKO bitumen shingle roofing is resistant to sunrays.

Resistant to external factors

Bitumen shingles are not affected by strong winds, heat, cold, rust or natural settling of building.


IKO bitumen shingles do not require specific and expensive consumables, nor there is large shreds during the mounting of the roof.

IKO bitumena šindeļi Superglass 3TAB tehniskie dati

Supplementary accessories and fittings

Metal parts/ accessories

IKO roof installation manual

IKO Superglass 3TAB declaration of performance

IKO bitumen shingle wind test

IKO bitumen shingles montage instruction

Bitumen shingles are small sized and lightweight, which makes them easy to install even by one person.

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