Cedral fiber cement slates

CEDRAL fiber cement slates

Fiber cement slates CEDRAL (formerly Dacora) protect and decorate roofs and facades all over the world! A single style solution for the roof and facade? That’s possible! This continuing finishing solution is becoming more and more popular in the world. CEDRAL fiber cement slates can be used for both roofs and facades, thus creating elegant and original building finishing solutions in a single style.

Variety of shapes of fiber cement slates, surface texture, colors, ability to assemble them in different ways and combine with other materials provide for creative freedom to design your own, unique visual solution of the building! It is a play with nuances – as a result, it is possible to achieve both – inclusion of the building and its distinguishing in the surrounding environment! Beautiful, noticeable, durable and easy-to-handle finishing material that will last a long time!

Fiber cement slates can be used not only as a roof or facade finishing material. With CEDRAL slates you can also create unique and creative chimney and eaves finishes for buildings where a different roof covering is chosen. It blends perfectly with the environment!

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Fiber cement slates CEDRAL – an elegant and single style roof and facade finishing solution!

Made in Belgium

Fiber cement slates are made in Belgium. CEDRAL is a brand of the Belgian building materials group ETEX.

2 types of surfaces

Fiber cement slates are available with 2 types of surface treatment:

  • Smooth
  • Textured

Smooth slates look great on modern style buildings, but fiber cement slates with a textured surface similar to natural stone are perfect for traditional style houses, as well as renovation objects.

Diverse application

CEDRAL fiber cement slates are used as a roof and facade finishing material. They can also be used as chimney and eaves finishing material for buildings where a different roof covering is chosen.

Sustainable and ecological roofing material

Fiber cement slates are a light, environmentally friendly and sustainable material. Sand, water, cement, textile fibers and cellulose are used in their production. Aesthetic and environmentally friendly solution!


Due to the low weight of the fiber cement slates, it is possible to cover with them light structures without further reinforcement.


CEDRAL fibre cement slates have been awarded high-class fire safety.

Easy installation

Each CEDRAL fibre cement slate is fixed separately with nails or hooks. In addition, some special tools are used to make the assembly process easier and faster. As with all roofing, the most important thing is to follow installation instructions.

Service life 50 years and more

Fiber cement slates are a very durable roof / facade covering material and have a service life of at least 50 years.

Different shapes and installation patterns

The slates are produced in different shapes. They can be assembled in different ways, thus creating interesting coating patterns and emphasizing individuality of the building.

Creative freedom

Fiber cement slates are suitable for all types of roofs and facades. They decorate and adorn equally well both new and renovated surfaces! The wide assortment of shapes, surface textures, colors, different types of assembly and possibility to combine them with other materials, allowing you to create unique solutions for any building!

Weather and chemical resistant

Despite their low weight, fiber cement slates guarantee perfect functional properties. This roof and facade material can withstand the most unstable weather conditions – heavy rain, frost, hail, wind and heat. Slates are also unaffected by mold, bacteria, pests, acids and alkalis.


Fiber cement roofs provide very good sound insulation. Noise from storms, rain and hail is very well absorbed.


CEDRAL slates are not subject to corrosion due to materials used in production.

No maintenance required

Fiber cement slates have a long service life and do not require special maintenance during exploitation.

Diamond pattern

Horizontal pattern

Double pattern

CEDRAL fiber cement slates: installation manual

CEDRAL fiber cement slates: warranty conditions

Diamond pattern

Double pattern

Horizontal pattern

CEDRAL fiber cement slates for roofs and facades.

CEDRAL fiber cement slates create a unified and original visual solution for the roof and facade.

CEDRAL fibre cement slates for facade decoration.

CEDRAL (formerly Dacora) fiber cement slates are beautiful, noticeable and durable finishing material!

CEDRAL fiber cement slates give the house an unusual look!

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