BENDERS concrete roof tiles Carisma

BENDERS Carisma is a modern style flat tile. These modern and flat concrete roof tiles with exact and  pronounced lines give the roof a special and distinctive look. They offer architects such opportunities that have never existed before. That is why this profile is rapidly taking on the Latvian roof market.

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BENDERS Carisma – modern flat concrete tile roof!

Manufactured in Sweden

Benders concrete tiles have been manufactured in Sweden since 1960. 50+ years of manufacturing experience guarantee that the company and the quality of its products are totally trustworthy.

Modern profile

BENDERS Carisma flat cocncrete roof tiles.

3 types of surface finishes

Standart– tiles coated with a special Benders paint, which gives the roof a classic look.

Antique– tiles with iron oxide pigment. The color looks natural. Highly suitable if you want to give the roof of your house an antique and a slightly aged look.

Candor– tiles with glossy finish. The intensity of color will make your house roof brighter. The coating also contains substances that will make it more resistant to UV rays and fouling.

Various choice of colors

Benders offers the widest possible range of colors in the Latvian concrete tiles market. Attractive color gamma will allow your tile roof to suit any house facade.

Complete roof solution

Benders concrete tile roofs may be supplemented by concrete accessories, various roof ladders, snow barriers and so on.

Visually atractive

Different profiles and color diversity ensures that there is a suitable Benders concrete tile roof for every building.

Particularly suitable in the Northern climate

Benders concrete roof tiles do not lose their functionality and form even under drastic temperature fluctuations and in different weather conditions. Benders concrete tiles also are the ultimate choice when it comes to reducing potential damage that may be caused by strong winds. Since the tiles are installed one by one, they can easily be replaced separately (unlike other roof covers, which may require replacement of an entire roof plane due to storm damage).

Easy installation

All Benders concrete roof tiles contain premade screw holes, which facilitates the installation. The small size of tiles ensures that the waste is minimal. Besides, there are no temperature limitations for roof tile installation; they can be installed in any weather conditions. You can also add various accessories (roof ladders, snow barriers, roof vents, etc.) to your roof at a later point.

Highest quality Standards

Benders regularly test their products to ensure that customers always get tiles that will serve them for a longtime.

30 year warranty

Benders – means time-tested quality and value!

Service life: 100 years

Concrete roof tiles have proven their excellent functional properties, and their service life lasts up to 100 years.

Additional Value of Property

Nice looking and well-functioning Benders tile roof will increase the value of your property. Thus, that is a long-term investment. If you divide the concrete tile roof price by the service life, you will conclude that the price is very attractive in the long run, so the selection of such roof is very cost-effective and economically feasible.


Concrete tiling roof provides a very good sound insulation. Thunderstorm, rain and hail noises are very well absorbed.


Unlike other roof covers, concrete tile roof is rust proof, as concrete is not susceptible to negative weather conditions.


Benders concrete roof tiles are produced from natural raw materials, so they are safe to use and easily recyclable.


Concrete is a natural material, and it protects the house from overheating.


Benders concrete roof tiles have proved to have a high degree of fire resistance.

No danger from pests

As Benders roof tiles are made of concrete, they are not affected by pests or microorganisms.

Easy to maintain

Concrete tile roof requires no special maintenance. It is long lasting, and it keeps its attractiveness for a very long time. However, if you wish to wash it, you can easily do that using high pressure washing equipment.

Popular in Scandinavian Countries

Several factories manufacture Benders roof tiles. Well known for their functional properties, Benders roof tiles have become especially popular in the Scandinavian countries.

Benders carisma betona dakstiņi - tehniskie dati

BENDERS Carisma special roof tiles

The accessories are made of concrete and are compatible with Carisma roof tiles.

Supplementary accessories and fittings


Roof tiles top coated with Benders paint


Natural tile (uncoated, color in mass)


Roof tiles with metallic shine

Benders installation manual

Benders brochure

Certificate ISO-140001

Benders CARISMA concrete tiles - declaration of performance


Roof tiles top coated with Benders paint


Natural tile (uncoated, color in mass)


Roof tiles with metallic shine

BENDERS – time tested quality since 1960!

Concrete roof tiles BENDERS – a long-term investment of the building!

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