Koramic ALEGRA 9 clay tiles

Koramic ALEGRA 9 clay roof tiles are classic, single-wave tiles of a particularly large size. Due to their unique characteristic single wave, these tiles are sometimes called renaissance tiles. Although classical, they also have a very versatile profile in terms of aesthetics and is suitable to nearly any project, that is why it has become one of the most demanded Wienerberger tiles. The sophisticated design and vast color range of this profile mean that these tiles can be used for renovation of both existing buildings and construction of new buildings.

Although the tiles have a historical shape, ALEGRA 9 is a product of contemporary production technology – it has a double fold, which enables simple installation of the tiles, creating a solid roofing, and allows using the tiles also on complex roof structures. ALEGRA 9 single-wave tile roofs will keep their durability and beauty for many years to come.

The large size of ALEGRA 9 roof tiles makes them a very economic choice, considerably reducing costs, since less tiles are needed per 1 m2 and the number of overlaps is reduced as well. These roof tiles also require less timber in preparation of roof structure – compared to smaller tiles, the lathing step between the tile rows is larger as well. The large size of the tiles also means that the tiles can be laid more quicker and efficiently, thus, reducing the time necessary for construction. These tiles are suitable for anyone who wishes to have a prestigious and durable clay tile roof with a good price/quality ratio! 

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WIENERBERGER clay tile roof – a natural and visually aesthetical roof covering!


ALEGRA 9 tiles are manufactured in Poland – in one of the best “WIENERBERGER” factories in Europe KORAMIC.


Classical wavy tiles, which are suitable to roofs of any shape and complexity level.


Natural – clay tiles are burnt, and the surface is not treated. Most often tiles with such surface are used for historical buildings.

Engobed – Before burning the clay tile mass is mixed with minerals or metal oxides. Such coating ensures smooth surface and uniform color of the tile.

Glazed – tiles containing color additives and liquid, crushed glass mass in their chemical composition, which cures in burning process and forms a glazed surface. This glazed surface completely seals the pores of the tile and also ensures special protection to dust, UV radiation and formation of moss. That is why these tiles are especially suitable for buildings located near the forest.


WIENERBERGER clay tiles are available in different colors. To create a particularly unique appearance of the building that suits the taste of the building owner, the roof can be created, combining tiles of various colors.


WIENERBERGER clay tile roof can be supplemented with different special clay accessories, different roof footbridges, snow barriers, etc.


Versatility of profiles and colors ensures that a WIENERBERGER clay tile roof can be selected for any building.
These tiles are not affected by different external factors – high temperature fluctuations, precipitation, air pollution or corrosion, which is why the clay tile roofs can age beautifully and smoothly, retaining their physical properties.


WIENERBERGER clay tiles retain their functionality and shape under the effect of different weather conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations. WIENERBERGER clay tiles are also a safe choice to reduce potential losses caused by strong wind. Since the tiles are installed one by one, they can be easily replaced (unlike other roof covers where the damage may lead to replacing of entire roof plate).


Installation of WIENERBERGER clay tiles will be easy for a professional. These tiles have a large size, therefore, laying them is quick. There are no temperature limits for installation of clay tiles – they can be laid in any weather. Also the roof can be equipped with any additional accessories at any time (roof footbridges, snow barriers, ventilation outlets, etc.).


WIENERBERGER is constantly working on products and technologies that encourage development and potentially result in optimum solutions – visually beautiful, economic, functional and environmentally friendly. WIENERBERGER products meet all safety standards in construction – they are durable, qualitative and have long service life.


Clay tiles are one of the oldest roof coverings. They are very durable and may serve for 150 and even more years. That is a choice for life!


In construction, the same as in other industries, more attention is being paid to environmental responsibility and sustainability. In long-term perspective it is cheaper and more reasonable to choose building materials that will serve longer instead of those, which, at the first glance, might cost less. It has to be considered that there are materials, which will require maintenance and repairs later and this can quickly exceed the money saved at initial purchase.
Wienerberger clay tiles serve longer than other roof coverings and give more added value to the building. This is an investment into the building that will have better return in the long-term as cheaper roof covering alternatives.


Clay tile roof is quiet. During rain, wind and hail – all noises are very well absorbed.


Clay tiles are made from natural clay. These are environmentally friendly during entire life cycle – purchase of raw materials, packaging and recycling. Also, if a building with clay tile roof covering is being demolished, the tiles can be easily recycled, used for various purposes and without causing any environmental pollution or may be used as roof covering for another building.


One of the best advantages of the clay tiles is that they ensure efficient thermal insulation, they breathe and minimize condensation, protecting the building from overheating and damage of wooden structures. These tiles ensure optimum comfort indoors – in winter the building retains heat, while in summer it is pleasantly cool.


Safety is a priority for any building owner. You can stop worrying about it, when selecting WIENERBEGER clay tiles since they have been assigned the highest fire safety resistance class – A1.


There is a notion that a clay tile roof is heavy. Any roof structure is designed, keeping in mind different additional loads – the weight of the roof cover, snow and wind loads and different other parameters. Exact calculations of the building are made by designers, of course, but, if the building is being renovated and historically clay tile roof covering has not been used in it, it can be potentially used if testing is ensured. The clay tiles have the advantage of providing good tension of the roof structure during strong wind and snow.


The clay tile roof does not require special maintenance. It serves for a long time, without losing its attractiveness. But, if one wishes to wash it, it can be easily done, using a high pressure washing device – the tiles will regain their initial appearance even after several years of operation.


Koramic ALEGRA 9 clay tiles have a 30-year guarantee.

WIENERBERGER Koramic ALEGRA 9 special tiles

The accessories are made of clay and are compatible with ALEGRA 9 tiles





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