Natural roofing slates CUPA

Natural roofing slates CUPA

Natural stone roofs are also known as slate roofs or natural schist. What is slate? It is a natural stone formed by various minerals in several layers. In nature, it has formed over 500 million years. It is a 100% natural, beautiful, weather-resistant and long-lasting roof covering that does not require additional maintenance during use! It has stood the test of time and has been around the world for centuries.

Natural stone or slate is mined in various deposits/quarries. The properties of this material depend on where it is obtained. Company CUPA Pizarras mines natural slate in Spain, which, unlike other parts of the world, produces slate of tectonic origin. The company started its operation in 1892. Almost 150 years of international experience, good reputation and prestige of quarries are the best guarantee for the company high-quality natural stone roofs and facades. Today, CUPA Pizarras is a world leader in production of natural stone roofing and facade materials. The company owns 16 quarries and 22 processing plants.

Natural roofing slates can be used in many different ways – not only as a roof covering for the whole building. With these slates you can also create unique and creative chimney and eaves finishes for buildings where a different roof covering is chosen. Such decorations are especially popular for buildings in old Europe – Germany, England, France, where they often look just like works of art.

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CUPA natural roofing slates – an exclusive and long-lasting roof covering!

Made in Spain

The properties of natural stone/slate depend on where it is obtained. That is why it is essential to know its origin. The slate obtained in Spanish quarries, unlike other countries of the world, is of tectonic origin – known all over the world for its high quality!


Each natural stone roof slate is unique. The quarries where they are mined have been shaped by nature for more than 500 million years, and the types of slates obtained in each quarry vary.

Sustainable and ecological roofing

Natural slate is a 100% natural material that has minimal impact on the environment. No chemicals are added during processing.

The company also takes all actions to reduce water and energy consumption as well as carbon emissions during the slate mining and processing. Various measures are taken in the quarries to promote regeneration of local flora and animals.

Suitable for extreme temperatures

Natural stone roofs guarantee perfect functional properties under impact of various weather conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations.


CUPA natural roofing slates are non-combustible, so they have been assigned the highest degree of fire resistance – class A1.

Beautiful and elegant

This material is a great solution for any project – both new and renovated buildings, regardless of architectural style of the building. Natural stone roofs decorate equally well both modern and historic buildings. For centuries, such roofs have decorated world-famous buildings – jewels of architecture!

Complete roofing solution

Natural slate or schist roof can be supplemented with various accessories, roof safety elements, etc.

Easy installation

Natural stone roof slates are fastened with nails or hooks. In addition, some special tools are used to make the assembly process easier and faster. As with all roofing, the most important thing is to follow installation instructions.

Service life 100 years and more

Natural stone is a very durable roofing material. Unlike other materials, it does not lose its properties over time and has a service life of more than 100 years.

Certified quality

Quality of natural stone roofs produced by CUPA Pizarra exceeds the world-accepted production standards, because the company, unlike others, has full control over the entire production process – from stone extraction to product packaging.

Quality of these natural stone roof slates is also confirmed by various international quality certificates.

Resistant to external factors

Natural stone roofs are very durable. This roofing can withstand rain, frost, hail, wind, UV rays. It also is not affected by various insects, fungi and any other microorganisms.


Natural stone roofs provide very good sound insulation. Noise from storms, rain and hail is very well absorbed.

Building added value

Beautiful and well-functioning roof always increases the value of the house. Given that natural stone roofs last at least 100 years and do not require special maintenance, it can be concluded that in the long run this is also an economically viable roofing.
It is also noteworthy that there is a growing trend in construction around the world to use sustainable building principles to limit environmental impact. That is why it can be concluded that in the future this material will be able to provide added value both visually and functionally for any building!

No maintenance required

Natural stone roofs do not require special maintenance to last a long time. Dust, sediment and leaves – all this is washed away from the roof by rain.


A mineral called pyrite is often found in natural stone or schist. If composition contains an unstable type of pyrite, then this mineral may start to rust, creating red stains on the roof.

CUPA Pizarras is certified with T1 or maximum quality, which assesses the level of oxidation in the stone. It means that this material will not have chemical reactions that can affect structure or color of the stone.


Material warranties provided by the manufacturer:
• Class H – 10 years
• Class R – 25 years

As natural slate is one of the oldest used roof and facade materials, it is safe to say that if the material is installed correctly, it can last up to 100 years or more.

*the most popular types of cladding

Natural stone or slate is mined in various deposits/quarries. The properties of this material depend on where it is obtained. Our assortment includes natural stone weatherboards from 2 deposits/quarries:

  • CUPA 2 natural stone slates are of dark gray anthracite color with almost smooth surface. Origin: Riodola quarry, Carballeda de Valdeorras (Orense) Spain.
  • CUPA 5 natural stone slates are of dark gray anthracite color with a visually noticeable, pronounced surface relief. Origin: Valdacal quarry, Pusmazán (Orense) Spain.

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CUPA natural roofing slates - installation manual

CUPA Pizarras factory and production process in SPAIN

CUPA 2 natural roofing slates

CUPA 5 natural roofing slates

Installation of CUPA natural roofing slates

Natural slates are fastened with nails or hooks. In Latvia, the type of assembly with nails is used more.

The process of production of natural roofing slates CUPA

Company CUPA Pizarras mines natural slate in Spain, which, unlike other parts of the world, produces slate of tectonic origin.

Advantages of natural roofing slates

Natural roofing slates have stood the test of time and have been found all over the world for centuries!

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