King klinker

Ķieģeļflīzes King Klinker King Size Vinteko

King size

Long clinker tiles KING SIZE from KING KLINKER Long clinker tiles King size from King Klinker are facade / interior clinker tiles of a particularly long form. Contrary to standard clinker tiles, these are produced in a narrow and elongated shape – their size is 490 x 52 mm. The elongated form of the tiles allows making facades with an [...]
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Ķieģeļflīzes King Klinker Old Castle. Vinteko.

Old Castle

Clinker tiles OLD CASTLE from KING KLINKER Clinker tiles with embossed surface Old Castle. Clinker tiles King Klinker are an aesthetic facade/interior finishing material. Due to their wide colour palette clinker tiles Old Castle are the most popular from King Klinker collections. Clinker tiles are natural and durable decorative finishing material. Due to their attractive visual appearance and excellent functional [...]
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